Artistic Statement

My stories come from one of two places – history or autobiography – but I ultimately aim to weave the two together in order to create modern day cautionary tales dealing with mental health, heritage, racial identity and human resilience.

My characters are flawed, their relationships are flawed, the reasoning and driving forces behind their choices are flawed. And yet, at their core, they are humans seeking empathy not from a greater being but from one another – and will go to any length to attain it. They are adults not because they learn from their mistakes but because the thought never crosses their minds to do so.


Heritage Hill Naturals

In an effort to avoid confronting her declining mental health, recent college graduate Lucilia volunteers a month of free labor to an organic farm in rural Georgia. There, she encounters ignorance bordering on racism, religious fanaticism, and too healthy eating habits that force her to question whether escaping into a world of green living was really an escape at all.

2018 International Women's Voices Day - Company One Theatre Staged Reading

2018 International Women's Voices Day - Company One Theatre Staged Reading


In the midst of shepherding her visiting mother to medical appointments and deflecting inquiries into her secret dating life, a second generation Cape Verdean woman is forced to question who she's truly hiding from and why.


fruit of thy labor

Between choosing dildos on Amazon and designing questions for a historically inaccurate Civil War boardgame, roommates Kat and Sue deal with their fair share of strange situations. The next problem to tackle? Kat's supposed embarrassing medical condition that threatens not only her romantic life but also the ownership she feels over her body. In order to hide her own precarious work situation as a public school teacher, Sue throws herself into helping Kat navigate her new relationship with Ian, whom Sue has diagnosed with a 'Thomas Jefferson Complex.' The friendship is put to the test as insults are flung and proclamations are declared, only one of which is by Abraham Lincoln himself.

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pay no worship

Born and raised on Fogo, a tiny African Island, cousins Martin and Jose live at the base of a giant volcano and struggle to make a living in the precarious wine industry that has been the main source of their family's income for generations. While one refuses to give up on tradition and is content to continue living a simplistic rural life, the other longs for a visa to America in order to pursue a higher education. Both dreams and volcanoes are at risk of erupting as the cousins fight for opportunity, understanding, and their lives when a tropical storm headed toward the island threatens to destroy everything they know.